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Modular and adaptive— we are a new kind of production company. 


We don't prescribe to the old commercial production company model in which Directors and Photographers are exclusively bound to an organization.


Instead, we bolster up our artists by offering production support to projects they are attached to as needed. Conversely, we can operate solely as production specialists once the campaign's art buy has already been made.


We thrive as extensions of our client teams, integrating production into the creative process early on to offer the most tailored and efficient production solutions.



From concept to completion, we tailor our team based on scope and creative ask. A dedicated account director ensures immediate and efficient communication throughout each production with clear deliverables and timeline. We also offer art buying and casting as needed for editorial and commercial shoots of all sizes. 


Our in-house videographer and photographer duo capture your runway show, activation, studio session or the behind the scenes of your next shoot, editing same day to provide elevated assets ready to post in real time. 



Need a quick estimate on a concept before preparing a pitch or bidding to a client? Want to find efficiencies within your organization's existing  production operations to make the most of your marketing budget? Think of us as your production experts for hire, ready to seamlessly integrate as an extension of your team. Bring us on when and at whatever capacity you need.

Our artists are based in NY, LA and Paris. We not only represent them and nurture their creative development but also seamlessly provide full service production support to projects they are attached to as needed. 


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